dojng the extraordinary with Amy


Humanly speaking, our everyday can’t always feel like that very special day of our lives.

We often look forward to a particular day before we feel that pleasantness, put on that special clothe, eat that special meal etcetera. The way to more joy isn’t to wait for those rare moments, but to find a bit of it in our everyday experiences, even though

they may not feel like that very special vacation from the start. But Children find JOY in ordinary things, so I have also found several ways to turn these into an EXOTIC experience.

DO THE DON’TS: Most often, we teach children to stay away from sharp objects and even fire, how about TEACHING THEM HOW TO USE IT, because in the real sense, they won’t stay away from it forever, infact, out of curiosity, they try to use it behind you. Instead of staying all weekends, holiday, for the next school day to come, Waiting until the next Birthday party etc, close up the space with DARING ADVENTURE of self discovery even as Children.

How great will it feel to watch your 5yrs old child handle these objects neatly and unharmed too. Your child could be the first to do it, that’s my definition of STARDOM.

USE MORE OF YOUR BRAIN: Everything we see is a product of someone’s brain, that’s why the best way to assimilate your school books is to explain them to yourself in your own words.Do things that are out of the everyday routine. Stagnant water stinks. Life is a school and we can go from here to STARDOM if we stimulate our brain well enough with new things,( I’d like to call it STRANGE things)

STRENGTHEN YOUR FOCUS: In your plight you will come across too many discouragements, not necessarily from people but even from yourself. The feeling that “I can’t go on” come crawling in, at every point of trying to achieve, you keep failing, if you stay focused, in the end you will be able to look at distraction in the eyes and say you are the reason I became STRONGER.

CHILDREN are my focus; working with them as a teacher for 10years has taught me that there is no height they can’t reach even as Children (they are AMAZING) I want to spend all my life, filling up their minds with the power of “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”, because they truly can, if given the proper environment. I give them tasks that looks more than they can handle, surprisingly; they solve them within the shortest possible time.

FUEL YOUR MEMORY: Forgetfulness has become a norm in the society of today. The most alarming is when you hear it among children. If it is a problem, then fueling the brain is a must-start from the ordinary things, like, phone number, account number etc. I’d like to also note here that, it’s not proper for your 5years old child not to know your names, phone number, home address, even Birthdays etc.

The journey to stardom isn’t a stone throw, it’s a MILESTONE.


Every child needs the springboard called “YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS”


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