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What We Do

What We Do

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Child's beauty pageant competition

CHILDREN'S BEAUTY PAGEANT COMPETITION Skul2stardom Children's beauty pageant competition is a program held during the conventional school end of session ceremony. This is an additional spice to the School's event which help children to boost their academic performance and confidence. This is also teaching the children to give back to their society (in this case, their school) the school in turn give them gifts.

Children Cooking Competition

CHILDREN'S COOKING CLASS/ COMPETITION This is one of skul2stardom signatures on children during summer holiday. It's organized to expose children to the science of food, it's also an ideal way to build self worth and boost confidence. Children between ages 7-12 have been participating for 5seasons now. The competition has been honoured with quite a number of sponsors, both private and corporate. Children receive gifts from sponsors and skul2stardom (the host).

Children's Summer Games and Pool Party.

CHILDREN SUMMER GAMES AND POOL PARTY This started out as a side attraction during Children's cooking competitions, which became a major event on its own, attracting hundreds of children. It's a fun event for children and the games which is mainly puzzles, helps in boosting children's thinking capacity and speed. We also do it during our mid-term break.


CHILDREN'S PHOTO CONTEST This is a mid-session event. We (Skul2Stardom) have children register and submit their photos, which we publish online and send links to their parents for voting. The photo with the highest vote wins and receives a gift from skul2stardom (the host). All children who participated had lunch with THE EMPRESS of Skul2Stardom's children empire

After School Child Care and Coaching.

AFTER SCHOOL CHILD'S CARE AND COACHING Being an early-age class teacher for 14 years, I have observed that parents are becoming more busy with work and businesses, so they worry about where to keep their children after their school closes, so we provided a means to help out in this need. We keep them and take care of their uniforms, lunch boxes, and school's homework. We further coach the older ones to keep them positively busy while mom and dad continue with the day's work.


SKUL2STARDOM CHILDREN'S COOK BOOK This is an e-cookbook for children to learn more about recipe development; it has also introduced new recipes to moms who have seen the book. We intend to keep producing more, as food is an important aspect of humanity. We intend to promote healthy feeding in families and in child development through our (skul2stardom) cookbook.

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What People Say About Us

Skul2Stardom creates ideas for positive-minded children who are determined to be great and successful in life even though they don't understand much. As it is saddled with the responsibility of building up a total child. It has organized more than five colourful events for children (both children's cooking competitions and children's beauty pageants) and has also trained over fifty children to a place of enviable status.
Ogunsiji Olaitan.
Skul2Stardom Children's Empire has an in-depth passion to teach and train up a child in various aspect of life, such as cooking, fashion, etc. The growth has been great The first cooking competition was in 2020; it was done in the sitting room; others have been outdoors; and the first beauty pageant was in 2010. To date, over 27 children have been trained in cooking, and over 60 children have been trained in fashion parades and pageants.
Head Teacher, LTS
Skul2stardom is an avenue for the young ones to learn and have an experience of real-life events. It presents a platform that serves as a springboard for children to find an expression for their talents and discover who they would like to become. It is also an opportunity for parents to learn about the passions of their young ones and be more aware of how to help build them into the people they desire to be. Skul2stardom is recommended for every child.
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S2S Children’s Cooking Competition. Season 1.

S2S Children’s Cooking Competition. Season 1.

Skul2STARDOM children’s cooking competition season one, was organised for children between ages 7-10. The competition was between 7 contestants. From the address, we could see that the Children were so excited and from the look on their faces, you could tell that it was both a competition and an adventure to them…

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Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day May 27th, 2020 CHILDREN! CHILDREN! CHILDREN! Like arrows in the hands of the mighty, blessed are they that have their quiver FULL of CHILDREN.They are more than words can ever describe. No matter how rich a cake is, it’s the icing that makes it beautiful, CHILDREN are the icing on the cake.My best friends, companions, confidant, joy,…

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Happy Holiday Parenting

Happy Holiday Parenting

Because of everything you have going on around the holidays, plus having your child home with you for longer periods of time while they’re on winter break from school, you may find that your threshold for even minor misbehavior may be particularly low. By Grace Amy Adewojo Although we strive to make the holidays a special time, the fact is…

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