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What can I add to the existing system, during the annual academic year ceremony?

This was the question I asked myself on July 22, 2009.
In Nigeria, Nursery, Primary and Secondary academic year starts in September through to July. It has three terms. At the end of each academic year, learners and students are promoted to the next class. The session usually end with parties and ceremonies.

It was in one of these events that I felt a strong urge in my heart to give something that would be a plus to both my immediate community (my workplace) and individuals. During the long vacation in August 2009, CHILD BEAUTY PAGEANT was born. I started nursing my little dream by collecting information and materials needed for the assignment.

When the new school session resumed in September, I presented my proposal to my boss. It didn't go down well with him at first, but I promised him that it was worth trying, and if the first year didn't go well, he could scrap it. Deep down, I knew it would go well, and I am eternally grateful for the platform. The parents of the first set of contestants were super amazing and greatly supportive.

The excitement and dedication of the contestants was an experience I want to always have for as long as possible. Beyond my imagination, the contest was successful. All contestants were excited, and parents and the school's management were so happy to see how colorful the event went. One boy and one girl won the contest.

At the end of their tenure, they (with the help of their parents) fulfilled their financial commitment to the school, and the school in turn did theirs to them. Shortly, child models and beauty pageants became a dot(.) in the "I" and a cross (-) to the "t" of every end of the academic year ceremony, with great results till date.

Eight years later, I thought it was wise to register it with the Corporate Affairs Commission. This process was completed and certified on January 4, 2019.

One year later, the Corona virus set in, bringing the world into an endless lockdown. Then again, I brought my thoughts to the book. Children's self-esteem is constantly challenged because, every day, a child's life is faced with new opportunities and new tasks to deal with, so they need guidance and an assuring voice to know they can face every phase without hurting their self-worth. In my little work and walks with children, I understand that they all have separate destinies, even twins. Most of us are familiar with this quote: "Train up a child in the way he should go; when he is old, he will not depart from it". Parents try so hard to achieve this, but most of the time, the results are different from what they would have hoped for.

Dr. Douglas Stuart holds this view; the difference comes from the addition of the word "should"; in the English translation, it means something that's not supported. In the original Hebrew, without the 'should', the nature of the verse changes. It's more about allowing your children to go their own way, not the way they should. Training up a child in his own way isn't much about our definitions and objectives (which are most of the time self-centered), but rather his talents and gifts, helping them to discover their purpose and consciously walk in paths that lead to life fulfillment. These thoughts and study gave birth to SKUL2STARDOM*

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We are concerned about the feelings of others.


We're unattached to material possessions and believe the best things in life are free.


We esteem our children as big deals,


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A collection of excellent qualities is what we call "beautiful."

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Skul2Stardom creates ideas for positive-minded children who are determined to be great and successful in life even though they don't understand much. As it is saddled with the responsibility of building up a total child. It has organized more than five colourful events for children (both children's cooking competitions and children's beauty pageants) and has also trained over fifty children to a place of enviable status.
Ogunsiji Olaitan.
Skul2Stardom Children's Empire has an in-depth passion to teach and train up a child in various aspect of life, such as cooking, fashion, etc. The growth has been great The first cooking competition was in 2020; it was done in the sitting room; others have been outdoors; and the first beauty pageant was in 2010. To date, over 27 children have been trained in cooking, and over 60 children have been trained in fashion parades and pageants.
Head Teacher, LTS
Skul2stardom is an avenue for the young ones to learn and have an experience of real-life events. It presents a platform that serves as a springboard for children to find an expression for their talents and discover who they would like to become. It is also an opportunity for parents to learn about the passions of their young ones and be more aware of how to help build them into the people they desire to be. Skul2stardom is recommended for every child.
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