I love to help people feel great about how they look.

I am Grace Amy Adewojo

The Empress of SKUL2STARDOM

Passionate about what I do, I’m result oriented, very innovative and diligent, I pick the good in everyone.

I am very understanding.

Organizer of Fashion Shows

I organize fashion shows, photo shoots for models, used in magazines.

Advertisement Agent

I advertise products for individual producers and companies and sell them in a way only me can.

Children’s Party planner

Do not bother your head anymore, I have a shoulder soft enough for you to lean on. I organize parties for children of all ages, giving it the beauty, colour and ambience of the day.

We signed in our first Brand Ambassador; Michelle Adeleye

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It gladdens my heart to realize the society in which I live can become better by my little inputs, being Miss Life’s touch opens me up to this and I’ll forever be grateful to Aunty Amy.

Mercy Ayedun


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The testimonies from those that have met me speaks

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